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The Top Five Email Programs for Use on Your PC

One of the single most popular and well known uses of the internet as it stands today is that of sending and receiving email. In fact, the internet first came into existence as a result of different academic professionals seeking to find easier ways to communicate and share their knowledge with each other. This desire, and the resulting technological breakthroughs that came from it, is the reason we now have the capability to send and receive emails to our heart’s content.

Given the fact that it is totally free in nature, email quickly rose from its modest beginnings to become the single most used way to communicate on the planet. In fact, recent studies show that over 144 billion emails are sent each and every day. Even taking into consideration the ever-present annoyance of spam, this number far exceeds the method in the number two spot, texting, which boasts approximately six billion per day.

With all of this email activity comes the need for a reliable and easy-to-use email client. An email client is the program used to access and manage a person’s email. The number of different email clients available today is extensive, currently approaching the one hundred mark. Each of these clients sport different features, which make them attractive to different types of users. As with most pieces of software, or tech in general, a client that is perfect for one, may not be suitable for others.

If you find yourself in a position where you want to incorporate a new email client into your computing activities, you may feel a little overwhelmed at how many different options are available to you. In keeping with our quest to provide you with all of the information needed to select suitable items and software for your needs, we have reviewed some of the top clients on the market today. No doubt you will have no trouble finding one that fits your needs to a tee.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Along with battling Microsoft for supremacy in terms of web browsing, Mozilla, the makers of the eminently-popular browser Firefox, has also made serious inroads when it comes to email clients. This fact has given rise to one of the most popular email clients around, Thunderbird.

Thunderbird provides all of the basic features found in most clients, as well as more the advanced ones needed to make the most of your emailing activities. This includes the filtering and disposal of junk email, the handling of RSS feeds and a high degree of customization.


If your email-client needs lean towards the minimal, Opera, another email client produced by the makers of a very popular web browser, will probably be your best bet. Known as one of the slickest, most compact clients in circulation today, Opera has made great strides in gathering a large flock of users into its fold.

Windows Live Mail

Powerful features and ease of use are two of the most sought-after qualities when it comes to deciding which software of any type to use. These two factors are satisfied in spades with Windows Live Mail, created an distributed by the makers of the most popular operating systems in existence, Microsoft.

Windows Live Mail combines common features, such as the ability to access both IMAP and POP3 accounts and comprehensive spam filters, with more unique ones, such as the capability to connect directly to Windows Live Messenger and advanced search features. If you are a true Microsoft junkie, Windows Live Mail is the email client for you.

eM Client

As the first client on this list not attached to a name well known for other great achievements, you may not be immediately familiar with eM Client. However, this lack of familiarity should definitely not translate into a reduced opinion of it, given the amount of power it provides.

eM Client allows you to quickly and easily import all of your emails and settings from Microsoft Outlook, the default client offered by Microsoft for use in Windows. In addition, its capability to handle multiple email accounts simultaneously, as well as an extremely simple an user-friendly interface, all add up to a client well worth getting to know.

Pegasus Mail

Rounding out today’s list of the best email clients for use with Windows on the market today, is Pegasus Mail, generally known as one of the most powerful around. While its user interface could probably benefit from making its advanced features more easily accessible, the fact that they exist is incentive enough for many to switch to it.

Pegasus Mail contains some of the most powerful spam filters around, providing you with the highest chance of not being inundated with junk emails. Add in its native support for strong encryption and the ability to share different folders with others over the internet, and you have a client chock full of the power many users need.

Sending emails, whether it be to touch base with friends or love ones, or in a business capacity, has truly revolutionized the way we communicate. Never miss out on another opportunity to express yourself to the fullest by corralling any of these excellent clients into your software fold.

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